The Education programme is aimed at supporting kids within SAMIC program in Sinai Paradise Slums to achieve Millennium Development Goal. Investing in a child’s education may be the single most effective step in winning the fight against extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS.  This approach maximizes impact while allowing our sponsors to develop meaningful connections with brave, determined children. Girls Can: A program to unlock the potential of marginalized girls by empowering them with education, life skills, entrepreneurship, business skills and character development so they can effect positive change in their personal lives and within their communities. 


Child Protection

The Child Protection programme is aimed at protecting children against abuse, exploitation and violence in their diverse forms and in all settings. Areas of focus include strengthening child protection systems, building capacity of child protection duty bearers; child rights awareness and advocacy for responsive laws as well as increasing access to quality services for preventing and responding to child abuse.


Health and Nutrition

The Health and Nutrition programme strives to contribute to the attainment of MDGs 4 and 5 in line with children’s rights to survival, development and health. Support Aid Ministry’s EVERY ONE campaign and the Saving Newborn Lives project are contributing towards the survival of children through high impact programs on newborn and maternal health.



The HIV and AIDS programme aims to protect children from HIV infection and promote their survival and well-being. The programme addresses the HIV/AIDS pandemic through preventive strategies, provision of care and treatment and impact mitigation on households in order to reduce infection among children and youth.


Child Rights Governance

The Child Rights Governance programme aims to strengthen national and local systems and structures for implementing, monitoring and reporting on the fulfillment of children’s rights according to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Efforts are also directed towards improving the technical capacity and commitment of relevant organs of the government to fulfill their obligations towards children.


Livelihood and Food Security

Support Aid Ministry’s Livelihood and Food Security programming seeks to increase household economic and food security in the best interests of the child. The sector targets children (through junior farmer field and life schools), youth (through vocational training and artisan placement) and caregivers at different levels.


The Emergency Response and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) program

The emergency program works to ensure that children in disaster impacted communities are protected from violence, abuse and neglect and that child survivors access quality child-friendly remedial services. The program also supports households and communities in disaster prone areas to prepare, mitigate, adapt and increase resilience towards the impact of disasters.


Program interventions:

Supporting local governments and communities in disaster-prone areas to develop and implement DRR and preparedness plans.

  • Establishment of child friendly spaces for recreation and counseling/psychosocial support.
  • Establishment of early childhood care and development (ECCD) centres.
  • Distribution of non-food items.
  • Distribution of scholastic materials.
  • Establishment of community-based child protection structures.
  • Building capacity of child-focused actors in emergency responses to respond to child rights issues.
  • Supporting fostering /reunification of unaccompanied/separated children within refugee settlements.
  • Advocating for a conducive legal and policy environment for promotion and protection of refugee rights, with a focus on children.
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