HOPE is yours to give​

To a parent everywhere a child first and to the child parent is the language of everything! Have you ever watched a small child playing and knowing that the only thing the parents left was the AIDS virus? 


When you say yes, you can be confident that your tax deductible gift will make a real difference to families overwhelmed by crisis and disaster because 99% of Support Aid Ministry spending goes towards lifesaving and life- changing humanitarian programs, allowing us to leverage every dollar of support to save and heal as many people as possible. When you respond to our great call, of giving hope and Changing Lives, you extend unconditional love and caring compassion, to a child, family or communities who have nowhere else to turn. Thanks to generous friends like you. Your caring support and your gift of $25, $50 or even $15 will really make a difference to HIV / AIDS orphans and vulnerable children reach their God given potential, heal from neglect, abuse and become productive members of the community. Write to us help@supportaidministry,org


Investing in a child’s education may be the single most effective step in winning the fight against extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS. Read more


The proposed Friends Institute of Technical Education (Frite) after completion will support local initiatives in the field of technical training in Kisumu County in Kenya. The mission of Support Aid Ministry (SAM) is to empower youth by promoting self-reliance through... Read more 

Clean Water  

Due to lack of access to clean water, water-related diseases kill 1 out of every 5 children under the age of 5 worldwide. In fact, dirty water kills more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Read more


Have you ever watched a small child playing and knowing that the only thing the parents left was the AIDS virus? Most of us look forward to the joy of celebrating the holidays with family and friends. Read more


MOVOFA development philosophy is based on the belief that money alone cannot end the cycle of poverty........

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We feel it is our responsibility to invest in change that will work for individual communities to improve lives in a sustainable

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