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"Investing in a child’s education may be the single most effective step in winning the fight against extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS. To educate a girl is to reduce poverty" Girls Can: A program to unlock the potential of marginalized girls by empowering them with education, life skills, Sam President. Read more

About Glac Community School

Glac Community School was initiated in the year 2000, registered in 2005 and implementation started in 2006. The Support Aid Ministry education project was started with the aim of providing a caring and family environment for orphaned and vulnerable children in and around Kisumu in Kenya. Kisumu County where this project is based has a very high incidence of AIDS with approximately 25,000 orphans and over 2000 widows as a result of its effects. The immediate project area has roughly 5,600 orphans and nearly 700 widows. The people in the area are also very poor thus leaving a large number of helpless and vulnerable people. The primary purpose of the organization is to intervene positively amongst the disadvantaged, orphaned children in Kisumu, Kenya with a view of giving them re-orientation, education, rehabilitation and habitation. Today Glac Community School has 217 vulnerable children. Glac Community School education project is SAM's Glac Community School is today registered with the Government of Kenya under the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Gender, Sports, Culture and Social Services (Society) which aims at seeing orphans, vulnerable children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, get basic education, training, healthcare, moral and psychological support in order to empower them socially economically and spiritually to face challenges of life.



The Education program is aimed at supporting kids in Glac Community School to achieve Millennium Development Goal. Investing in a child's education may be the single most effective step in winning the fight against extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS. This approach maximizes impact while allowing our sponsors to develop meaningful connections with brave, determined children. Girls Can: A program to unlock the potential of marginalized girls by empowering them with education, life skills, entrepreneurship, business skills and character development so they can effect positive change in their personal lives and within their communities. We therefore believe that to educate a girl s to reduce poverty. We believe in girl’s education.

Child Protection
Child Protection program is aimed at protecting children against abuse, exploitation and violence in their diverse forms and in all settings. Areas of focus include strengthening child protection systems, building capacity of child protection duty bearers; child rights awareness and advocacy for responsive laws as well as increasing access to quality services for preventing and responding to child abuse.

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Why Glac Community School?

“Because it starts and ends with the community”. 

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