Malaria & HIV/AID Campaign

Support Aid Ministry is an alliance of networks and organizations that seek to empower young people (aged 15 – 30) to battle Malaria and the HIV/AIDS epidemic through comprehensive networking and knowledge sharing, advocacy, capacity-building and youth involvement at international conferences. The Ministry recognizes that while there are a lot of organizations and networks dealing with the many facets of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and working with young people across the globe, there has been no global coalition that draws together a diversity of youth affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, and that facilitates collaboration between youth groups doing similar work within the regions, as well as linking these organizations to others that can provide them with the necessary technological and organizational capacity at the local, national, regional, and international levels. Support Aid Ministry does not seek to duplicate existing efforts, but rather, to enhance the efficacy of these ongoing efforts so as to solidify the common cause. We seek to create an alliance that will not only fill the void, but also serve as a central clearinghouse of consistent, reliable and free information that is accessible to all young people.

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