About Modern Village Organic Farming - MOVOFA

Support Aid Ministry’s sustainability program, Modern Village Organic Farming (MOVOFA), will be managed by FRITE under our community farming training initiative. MOVOFA is dedicated to fostering integrated social and economic development in Rabuor village, Kisumu County. MOVOFA’s goal is to enable and empower youth and members of rural communities with modern water conservation and farming techniques. Utilizing a model of sustainability that includes:


Economic vitality – developing practices that are compatible with Nature and have the least negative impact on the environment;


Ecologic integrity – understanding and work in harmony with the natural system of water and food sheds and incorporate renewable energy means of production;


Social equity – insuring that social needs of all concerned are met while protecting the beauty and viability of natural resources.


This programs helps the people of Kenya by providing them not only with the latest in sustainable water conservation and faming education but also training in life and entrepreneurial skills to build a stronger future for themselves – person by person, family by family, group by group, and village by village.


MOVOFA Mission & Vision

MOVOFA’s work falls within the framework of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Sustainable Development Goals and Kenya’s Vision 2030. MOVOFA development philosophy is based on the belief that money alone cannot end the cycle of poverty. We believe that poverty eradication should be approached around the vision of the “three-legged African stool of poverty eradication” – income generation, health intervention, and education.


Mission: Transforming lives through education, experience, enterprise and health. We promote the alleviation of poverty in Kenya, business education, health education, and health support with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS, malaria, and mother/child wellness programs.


Vision:  A transformed, enabled, and empowered people of Rabuor village and the Kisumu County who can respond to their personal, social, and economic challenges effectively.

The first and foremost goal of our non-profit organization is to make a difference in as many people's lives as possible. We strive to improve the living conditions for those who need the help, who can't do it themselves. Movofa is Support Aid Ministry sustainability program which offers agri- business skills from general to generation.

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