About Glac Community School

Support Aid Ministry is a charitable organization dedicated to working with vulnerable girls and boys in Kenya so that they might reach their God-given potential, heal from neglect and abuse and become productive members of the community. We focus on projects that provide foundations in education and health help alleviate suffering and poverty and create permanent change in the lives of these children – the future of Kenya.  We seek to empower our communities in a non- paternalistic and respectful manner to improve quality of life by identifying areas of strength and weakness, assess available resources, and collaborating with local community and other stakeholders to find solutions.

Community-based education is the heart of Support Aid Ministry, and the Glac Community School was initiated in 2006. Situated in Kano Sub-County, Kisumu County in semi-arid western Kenya, the student population has grown over the years from only twenty students to its current population of 217 children - 131 girls and 86 boys. The school started with classes under a tree before partnering with the local community to construct a two-level, nine-classroom school building.  With plans to augment the existing building, the vision is to expand and offer students enhanced facilities and skills training as they and the school grow. The school program follows a holistic approach to best meet the unique needs of these vulnerable children. Compared to other local school options, Glac does not charge a school fee and provides free meals, counseling services for children and family members, and attention to individual health concerns.


With the numerous challenges they face, the children are treated with love and respect not always shown in the community at large. The school has managed to see boys and girls achieve secondary school graduation and three to tertiary institutions. One former student, after earning a Law degree, returns occasionally to teach in the school. While Kenya is 90% Christian, Glac is open to children of all faiths, modeling a true spirit of openness and kindness. The school staff is comprised of six teachers, one Head teacher and one Deputy Head Teacher and five additional volunteer non-teaching staff. The Education Curriculum used at Glac School follows the Kenyan 8-4-4 Public Education System, fulfilling the eight years of primary education. The medium of communication in the school is English, but the lower primary learners are also taught in Luo, the local dialect, and Swahili. Glac School benefits from exercise books from the Government of Kenya and other stakeholders such as USAID. The children participate in organized sports, arts programs and some sing in the school’s Healing Voices Choir, which performs in the community.


To ensure Glac School meets its broader educational goals, Support Aid Ministry collaborates with families, the local authority and community members to form a Parents Teachers Association (PTA) to address the multi-dimensional factors that affect the children both in and outside of school and facilitate parental/guardian participation. Through this and other programs, the school is recognized to be a positive force in the community. At our current phase of development, Glac Schools’ Annual budget stands between USD 48,000 - 40,000 as illustrated in our detailed school budget above.


We are 501(c) charitable organization and your tax-deductible gift of any amount will make a real difference to the vulnerable children as 99% of our spending goes towards lifesaving and life - changing humanitarian programs. Join us in this ground-breaking experience you can make donation by check or online through When you respond to our great call of giving hope and changing lives, you extend unconditional love and caring compassion to the vulnerable child.


 “Hope is yours to give, You cannot change the whole world but you can change a vulnerable child’s world”



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