Message from the Board

It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to wake up every single morning feeling hopeless, desperate and forgotten. Think for a moment the pain and burden of living in isolated village or urban slum where the light of hope rarely shines. To a parent everywhere a child first and to the child, parent is the language of everything! Have you ever watched a small child playing and knowing that the only thing the parents left was the AIDS virus? Most of us look forward to the joy of celebrating the holidays with family and friends. But, many vulnerable children especially living with HIV/AIDS, the holidays are the most difficult time of the year. The holiday can heighten their feelings of loneliness and isolation - leading to depression even for those with stable health. This is the overwhelming reality far too much for families and children. Hope is yours to give


PROCEEDS: When you say yes, you can be confident that your Tax deductible gift will make a real difference to children overwhelmed by hunger and sickness because 99% of Support Aid Ministry spending goes towards lifesaving and life-changing humanitarian programs, allowing us to leverage every dollar of support to save and heal as many children as possible. You would wonder if you truly were forgotten, if hope and faith were even possible. Thanks to generous friends like you. Your caring support and gift of $7 per meal per meal, $30 per month, $125 every three months, or $456 per year per child financial commitment really make a difference to the girl child education and healthcare support; HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children hunger relief within the community we serve.


Guiding Principles

We believe that hope is yours to give and faith leaders are a powerful voice for change and must be intentionally at the forefront of addressing the humanitarian and health challenges of the suffering children.

We believe that faith institutions are uniquely positioned to play a major role in efforts to improve the health status of people living in the communities they serve.

We believe in the Power of Prayer and its role in lives of the HIV/AIDS and vulnerable children and of the African descent.

We believe that all children facing health challenges are welcome at the table of grace by the unconditional love of God and that their voices must be heard and respected.


Thanks for supporting our work, giving HOPE is one of the ideas that change the suffering CHILD’S world TODAY!

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